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These dates are posted in accordance to the release of the first Megaman Legends in its respective territories.
We, at Operation Phoenix, would like to honour the developers and fans alike of the game and give it the respect that the project deserves.


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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Twitter Bomb and Facebook Bomb: How To Guide

Hey guys, we at Operation Phoenix would like to remind or introduce you to the concept of Facebook Bombing and Twitter Bombing. Before we get started on this tutorial, allow us to thank you for taking the time and effort to support the shared dream we all have in making Megaman Legends 3 a reality.

Now a quick tidbit on what you must know, "We at Operation Phoenix do not advocate boycotting under any means whatsoever. If you wish to do so, that is by means your silent vow but that is not the purpose of what we are accomplishing to do, no matter how much a company has caused a good enough reason to do so. Above all things, make sure your message is civil and to the point. We are here to support our game without acting like ravenous beasts"

With that said, here are the following ways to bomb:

1. Go to Capcom's Page
2. Under their comments section, post the following template:

"Dear Capcom,

Please revive Megaman Legends 3. One reason why I bought the 3DS was so that I could play this awesome game and also wanted to play the prototype on Nintendo's eShop

A Megaman Fan Since *insert era here*"

3. Press Enter or Click Submit


1. Type @Capcom_Unity or @CapcomEuro (preferably both)
2. Type #ReviveMegaman or #revivedash3 (preferably both)
3. Click Tweet


See? It's that easy in just 3 simple steps! Good luck bombing and fight for the dream!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

CyberConnect2′s CEO Would Be Happy To Work On Mega Man Legends 3


Capcom partnered with Solatorobo creator and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja developerCyberConnect2 to create Asura’s Wrath. It’s a brand new intellectual property where you play as an enraged demigod who gets beat down by planet-sized bosses before turning the fight around with a dramatic comeback.

Asura’s Wrath will be CyberConnect2′s first Capcom published title when it comes out next year. Curious to see what the future could hold and since Capcom lets external developers work on established franchises, I asked Hiroshi Matsuyama, CEO and President of CyberConnect2, what Capcom series would he like to develop.

"It would be Mega Man Legends 3," exclaimed Matsuyama in a Siliconera interview. "I really like the series!" Just this week Capcom canceled the Mega Man Legends 3project for Nintendo 3DS where fans collaborated with the development staff on creating a sequel. Matsuyama said he was disappointed by that announcement. CyberConnect2′s work on Solatorobo and Tail Concerto could be a foundation for aMega Man Legends sequel too. Would any fans "green light" a Mega Man Legendsgame from the Fukuoka based developer?
That answer is a definite yes here.

New Logo for the Facebook Petition!

In credit to Capcom-Unity's Digital Knight, The official Facebook petition now has a new logo! Check it out right here!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Megaman Legends 3 Trailer and Vids!

A media page link will be made on the main webpage to show Megaman Fans and gamers what we at Operation Phoenix are clamouring about. This page is dedicated to show all the videos that have been released for the public eye so far:

~ Megaman Legends 3: Project Game Trailer ~

If you think a trailer is all that the developers have to show for it, think again. Thanks to the dev team and the fans that helped fuel this project, you get to see the prototype game in action. Here are a few videos to show the game in action:

~Megaman Legends 3: Project Gameplay Video: Barret Wall Run~

~Megaman Legends 3: Project Gameplay Video: Biking Action~

~Megaman Legends 3: Project Gameplay Video: Barrett Pummels Bot~

*UPDATE* Found some videos from youtube featuring Nico Nico doing an in-depth walkthrough of the missions found in the prototype version. Being up to date to show gamers the potential of this game, I have added these to the list:

~Megaman Legends 3: Project Gameplay Video: Mission 1 (Courtesy of Nico Nico Live)~

~Megaman Legends 3: Project Gameplay Video: Mission 2 (Courtesy of Nico Nico Live)~

~Megaman Legends 3: Project Gameplay Video: Mission 3 (Courtesy of Nico Nico Live)~

Official OpPhoenix PR Response to Capcom

This is Operation Phoenix's response to the recent public message distributed to the general public by Capcom and Capcom's Devroom. The original PR response and this newly revised PR statement is inspired by a Capcom-Unity member, Classic_Megaman, who wrote a letter to Capcom, expressing what many fans hold dear in their hearts. Empowered by this passion, we have written a response to Capcom as follows: